• L'art de mourir

    Ambrose Parry

    • Seuil
    • 28 Mai 2020

    Après un an de voyage à travers l'Europe, Will Raven rejoint la maison du Dr Simpson comme assistant. Entretemps, Sarah Fisher, l'ancienne femme de chambre dont Will est toujours amoureux, a épousé le Dr Banks, un homme charmant aux idées progressistes. Egalement nouveau venu, Quinton, secrétaire du Dr Simpson, un homme austère et très rigide, est chargé de trouver le coupable des vols qui interviennent dans la maison.

    Alors que Sarah et Will reprennent leur collaboration, ils se lancent à la recherche de Mary Dempster, une infirmière à l'excellente réputation, mais dont les patients meurent les uns après les autres...

  • Edinburgh, 1847. Will Raven is a medical student, apprenticing for the brilliant and renowned Dr Simpson. Sarah Fisher is Simpson's housemaid, and has all of Raven's intelligence but none of his privileges. As bodies begin to appear across the Old Town, Raven and Sarah find themselves propelled headlong into the darkest shadows of Edinburgh's underworld. And if either of them are to make it out alive, they will have to work together to find out who's responsible for the gruesome deaths.

  • The Art of Dying

    Ambrose Parry

    @00000400@@00000327@'Parry's Victorian Edinburgh comes vividly alive - and it's a world of pain' Val McDermid@00000133@@00000341@@00000327@'A rip-roaring tale of murder@00000133@@00000327@' Ian Rankin@00000133@@00000341@@00000341@Edinburgh, 1849. Hordes of patients are dying all across the city, with doctors finding their remedies powerless. And a whispering campaign seeks to paint Dr James Simpson, pioneer of medical chloroform, as a murderer.@00000341@@00000341@Determined to clear Simpson's name, his protege Will Raven and former housemaid Sarah Fisher must plunge into Edinburgh's deadliest streets and find out who or what is behind the deaths. Soon they discover that the cause of the deaths has evaded detection purely because it is so unthinkable.@00000163@

  • Edinburgh, 1847. City of Medicine, Money, Murder. In Edinburgh's Old Town young women are being found dead, all having suffered similarly gruesome ends. Across the city in the New Town, medical student Will Raven is about to start his apprenticeship with the brilliant and renowned Dr Simpson. Simpson's patients range from the richest to the poorest of this divided city. His house is like no other, full of visiting luminaries and daring experiments in the new medical frontier of anaesthesia. It is here that Raven meets housemaid Sarah Fisher, who recognises trouble when she sees it and takes an immediate dislike to him. She has all of Raven's intelligence but none of his privileges, in particular his medical education. With each having their own motive to look deeper into these deaths, Raven and Sarah find themselves propelled headlong into the darkest shadows of Edinburgh's underworld, where they will have to overcome their differences if they are to make it out alive.

  • Will Raven est apprenti chirurgien chez un obstétricien de renom à Édimbourg, le professeur Simpson. Il y rencontre une employée de maison, Sarah Fisher, qui assiste également le médecin dans ses recherches sur les anesthésiques, un progrès en cette période victorienne. L'assassinat en ville de plusieurs jeunes femmes dans des conditions atroces incite peu à peu Will et Sarah à mener l'enquête...